The right equipment is critical for medical applications, that’s why we are confident our solutions can provide you the right answer

TFT, touch and optical bonding

Medical applications can require accurate imaging from a display apparatus. We can help determine the right TFT for your project based on brightness, resolution and contrast ratio.

For those environments that require the user to wear gloves, we offer PCAP tuning services to ensure functionality while the user conforms to required safety standards.

To further enhance your device, we offer our Vacubond optical bonding technology when a cover glass or PCAP is required to not only reduce the amount of light reflected from the display, enhancing the optical clarity, but also creating a more mechanically robust solution.


High resolution monitors coupled with a variety of embedded products offered in our range, produces products with panel sizes from 10.4” to 24” with ARM and x86 based platforms. This allows us to cater for a wide variety of different medical applications.

With an IP65 front surface and medical certification, these devices are designed ready for use in operating rooms. Reliable and robust our monitors can operate 24/7 with touch screen options.

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