Micro Touch® Touch Screen

Micro Touch® Surface Capacitive Touch Screen

Excellent light transmission of 90.5% (±1.5%)providesvibrantoptical characteristics with optimal anti-glare properties 
Resilient top coat provides smooth, easy glide surface while offering durable scratch resistance 
The accuracy, durability, and fast touch response expected from a MicroTouch ClearTek II product. 
Performance unaffected by everyday contaminants in the environment
Light Transmission: 90% (±1.5%) 
Input Method: Finger contact 
Accurac: >99% of true position 
Electronics ( Controller) 
Communication: USB, Serial, USB HID Digitizer, Dual Mode (USB and Serial 
Operating Current: USB: 75 mA (typical)  Serial: 85 mA (typical) 
Sleep Current: < 500 uA 
Point Speed (PPS): 200 pps 
Minimum Touch Time: 5.5 ms 
MTBF: >700,000 hours 

Micro Touch®Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen

Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen

• The design overcomes challenges of large format displays
• Ultrafine mesh is just microns wide which allows for 88% light transmission
• Mesh blackening process minimizes sparkle and glint
• Precision manufacturing process virtually eliminates moiré
• Scalable from 5–86 inches without reduced performance
• Ability to project through cover glass up to 5mm thick
• Resolves up to 60 simultaneous touch points while supporting palm rejection at speeds of less than 10 milliseconds
• High signal-to-noise ratio provides input flexibility including thin gloves and fingertips
• Custom ASIC chip design offers a standard protocol for sizes ranging between 5 and 86 inches and facilitates seamless application development
• No surface components or bezel requirements limit debris build up resulting in increased reliability
• All glass front surface provides a sleek, modern aesthetic
• Easy-to-clean, no wear surface provides operation unaffected by surface scratches or contaminants
• Smooth edge finish for improved durability and handling safety
• Anti-stiction surface allows for smooth finger glide across the surface
• Anti-glare for table-top applications or strong ambient light environments6

Micro Touch®Resistive Touch Screen

We offer fully integrated, haptics enabled resistive touchscreen controllers that feature unique built-in proximity sensing circuitry, which enables proximity detection in applications where automatic system wake up or backlight LED dimming adjustments are required without the need for any additional components. The ultra-low power, resistive touchscreen controllers provide best-in-class on-chip ESD protection as well as multi-touch capability on a resistive panel. Their extremely small footprint makes these controllers ideal for portable applications where power consumption and board-space are at a minimum.


The same feel as projected-capacitive touchscreens Multitouch 2-point for zoom and rotation Up to 90% transmission Expanded temperature range: -40°C to 85°C Glass/film/glass construction for improved scratch resistance and chemical stability Extra features: anti-glare, anti-smudge, anti-Newton-ring.




Our product size range:      6″   8″  10″  12″  15″ 17″ 18.5″ 19″ 20.5″  21.5″  22″

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