Panamich Technology can provide a solution for the toughest of environments, where it is important that the equipment is reliable and efficient.

As a company we understand that in some industries such as medical, military, marine and Oil/Gas, it is of the upmost importance the product is highly reliable. In our portfolio we have two of the most respected TFT suppliers in order to supply for this market, and these are Tianma NLT and Mitsubishi.

These offer excellent product specifications to meet the most demanding of environments. Both these suppliers also excel in long term product supply, mostly offering 10 years or more. This is key for the industries mentioned as product development can be costly and a long term supply is necessary.

Our DC to DC converter, the IF414 with a wide input voltage range is perfect for this type of solution. 

Toughened Monitors

In extreme environments the qualities required of a display product can include:

  • Toughened glass/display
  • Resistance to shock/vibration
  • Ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures
  • Long term supply
  • Zero contamination
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