C1500SS Touch monitor 11-71315-225-01; 11-71315-227-01

The Panamich Single Display C1500SS (15.6”), a purpose-built, surface capacitive touch display, provides a cost-competitive touch alternative to 5-wire resistive display solutions. The display offers a stable base, highly durable touch screen, brilliant optics and a cable management system, all in an elegant and simple-to-use design. This display easily integrates into numerous point-of-sale, PC, and thin client systems making it ideal for applications requiring long life, 24/7 uptime, and the assurance of a 1-year “unlimited touches” warranty. Activated only by human touch, the C1501SS display eliminates inadvertent or false touches from jewelry, clothing, or handheld objects, making it the clear choice for applications where reliability is key.

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