MicroTouch Display C1500SS (15”),11-71315-225-01;11-71315-227-01;11-71315-225-03

The MicroTouch Display C1500SS (15”), a robust metal chassis display using Panamich’s industry-standard surface capacitive touch tech- nology, provides a durable, optically-enhanced, and cost competi- tive alternative to 5-wire resistive displays used in industrial automa- tion equipment and kiosk enclosures. The C1500SS display offers multiple mounting options to make integration easy and a variety of bezel options for sealing against liquids and other contaminants. A remote on-screen display module helps simplify any changes to the display image during installation or system maintenance.

The Clear Choice

The C1500SS display utilizes an all-glass surface capacitive touch sensor withtheproprietary ClearTekTM HardCoattodeliversuperiordurability, 91.5% light transmission, 225-nit brightness (with touch screen), 500:1 contrast ratio and an ultra-fast 5.4 millisecond touch contact time.

Multiple Mounting and Bezel Options

Multiple mounting and bezel options enable customers to meet their application needs at minimal cost. The C1500SS display offers a 75mm VESA pattern to provide arm mounting capability for industrial automation equipment. This minimizes the capital expenditure needed to upgrade equipment with touch. L-brackets (standard) or a VESA mounting bracket (optional) are available for installations requiring the touch display to be fully enclosed.

The C1500SS display offers three bezel options. The Slimline bezel is flush with the edges of the display and is ideal for arm-mounted applications. The Contour Flanged bezel provides a lip to cover the air gap between the touch display and the enclosure opening. These two plastic bezels are ideal for solutions that require a NEMA 1 seal rating. The Industrial Flanged bezel, a metal gasketed bezel, enables kiosks or others enclosures to support NEMA 4X / IP66 seal ratings.

Cost Effective

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MICROTOUCH DISPLAY C1500SS (15”),11-71315-225-01;11-71315-227-01;11-71315-225-03 2

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