Interactive Menuboards,Introducing the 32-Inch Multi-Touch Display C3266PW

3M™ PCAP Multi-Touch Display 32-inch

This display offers a smartphone-like touch experience in a commercial display specially engineered
for 24/7 operation. With features like high-performance projected capacitive multi-touch technology, a sophisticated bezel-free design for a truly
uncompromised touch experience, an active thermal management system to ensure cool-to-the-touch performance in all display orientations, finger and pen input and a 3-year warranty, this display delivers a premium interactive experience to teach, inspire, inform and sell.
Proprietary Ultrafine Metal Mesh Design At the core of this display is an integrated ultrafine metal mesh conductor — a sensor unlike other known ultrafine metal mesh technologies in the marketplace today. This new technology overcomes design and optical challenges found in other projected capacitive technology (PCT) solutions by using advanced optical modelling techniques developed by 30 years of 3M science and service to the display industry. The result is a sensor designed to work universally on 2K and 4K applications across a range of sizes, including planar (curved) screens, while maintaining high image quality and touch responsiveness.
• Touchscreen and electronics tuned for precise, full multi-touch functionality, even at the edges and corners of the display
• Robust system solution tested to work with many display technologies provides integration and design flexibility
• Ultrafine metal mesh design based on sophisticated 3M optical modeling
• Reports simultaneous multi-touch events while supporting palm rejection at high speeds
• High signal-to-noise ratio provides input flexibility including thin gloves and fingertips
• Ultra-high definition touch for smooth draw capability and ability to distinguish multiple fingers in close proximity
• Custom ASIC design offers a standard protocol for any size between 15 and 65 inches and facilitates seamless application
• All glass front surface provides a sleek, modern aesthetic
• Durable cover glass unaffected by scratches, contaminants or items resting on the surface
• Enables leading edge industrial design solutions with a uniform narrow black border graphics design
• No surface components or bezel requirement limits debris build up which results in increased reliability
• Easy-to-clean, virtually “no wear” surface provides operation unaffected by surface scratches
• Smooth edge finish for improved durability and handling safety
• Anti-glare for table-top applications or strong ambient lighting environments

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